player vs player betting chip

The Mission

PlayerVsPlayerCoin will be a game changer for the crypto community. Earlier wallet version resemble a standard wallet. Later versions will have a very unique style of game built right into the wallet. The wallet will function normally as if the game wasn't there. The game features however will create a new form of mining for coins. There will not be a need for a mining program, or pool mining, however you still would be able to mine if you wanted to.

This version of the game was designed and built as a coin roll out phase. The vision is new and exciting. It caters to people that are not tech savey, but want to learn and do more within the crypto space. With this version there is no need for mining software, knowledge of creating a *.bat file, or joining a pool to earn coins as they are mined. This vision strictly uses play money and produces coins at the end of a hand, and end of round, even if the wallet holder isn't playing the game.

The game is the miner and each bet also earns coins and has nothing to do with the outcome of a hand.

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This wallet version will also feature a unique coin confirmation structure. It will benefit a game player more then a non game player with a very unique release system. The more someone plays, the faster the coins become confirmed and spendable. Passive player coins stack up and eventually become unlocked as the wallet owner finds time to play. You never lose coins earned as your wallet stays online when you are not playing. They simply stack up and wait for you to start playing.

Botters stop earning with a unique counter. The counter watches and limits how many PVP can be earned per hand of play.

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Why Choose PVP Coins

They are your slow release crypto ...

  • The x11 algo has eleven scientific hashing algorithms
  • ASIC machines are welcome here by design
  • GPUs and CPUs are not going to be at a competitive disadvantage
  • Passive earning for simply leaving wallet online
  • Play and earn, or Don't play and earn coins
  • Low power is the future with Masternodes being king

Over Five Years In The Making

Built from the ground up with you in mind.

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