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Exciting times call for exciting projects, and PlayerVsPlayer is one of those.

Future versions of the wallet will feature a playable game that will mine coins, even if you are not playing the game!

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The Goals - White Paper

Business Strategy

Reshape the way games are played, and currencies are used.
This can be done by doing something different; like puting games directly into wallets to allow people to earn coins without using a ton of electricity. After that taking it a step further is up to the imagination. I think big, so a real player vs player arena is the goal.

Market Analytics

There is an overwhelming attractiveness of PlayerVsPlaverCoin, with the dynamics of a special game feature within the wallet, that create a special industry. PVP is part of a unique new industry where wallets are more then wallets, and thus in turn attract global awareness and more upcoming features. Through all of the specialties within PVP, the (SWOT) - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of its success can be identified.

Marketing Social

At the very core are great people using every social marketing tool available to get the word out about PlayerVsPlayerCoin. Take ownership and do as others are doing and invite your friends to experience being a part of the next generation of wallets.

PVP Portfolio Of Partnerships

Lets stay on top of our industry by being experts of PVP and aggressively go after new friends.

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